Mercedes-Benz GLC Buy Lease Offers in Lynchburg, VA

Mercedes-Benz GLC is an Award Winning Performer

Looking at a compact crossover? You're in luck. There are a ton of options on the market, especially of the luxury variety. The compact crossover is currently the hottest ticket in the automotive industry, and manufacturers are scrambling to release the latest and greatest offerings into the market.

If you fall into the category of someone looking for this kind of a vehicle, then you need to seriously consider the Mercedes Benz GLC. Why? There is a myriad of reasons.

For starters, the Mercedes brand has consistently delivered one of the most outstanding luxury experiences for a number of years. All the features and equipment are of the highest caliber and quality.

The engineering of the Mercedes GLC is also top notch. You get the horsepower you need along with quality fuel efficiency ratings when you go with this compact crossover. The GLC is perfect for long road trips outside the Lynchburg, VA area and everyday transportation in the Danville and Roanoke areas.

There's also another factor to consider when you're looking at a GLC: our dealership makes luxury affordable.

With the purchase and lease specials available at Berglund Luxury Auto, you can drive the Mercedes GLC, GLE, or GLS you want with attractive monthly payments and terms. Our product specialists in Lynchburg, VA can show you all the ways we make luxury affordable.

Ready to get the new Mercedes you've always dreamed of?

If so, then the first step is scheduling a test drive. This will give you an opportunity to experience Mercedes Benz luxury first hand. Our auto dealership is located at 2643 Lakeside Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24501.

We invite you to come in and experience our world class selection and service today.

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC Interior Cluster in Lynchburg, VA

What's New in the 2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC

Because the Mercedes-Benz GLC was just refreshed in 2020, the 2022 version is a carry-over model. That doesn't mean it doesn't have anything new to offer, though, because it does. Many new features come standard now, like parking damage detection and automatic high beams. Then, there are second-row USB ports for passengers in the back, along with a USB-C adaptive cable. Meanwhile, those who opt for the Premium package get passive hands-free entry. The GLC's exterior is sleek and stylish with new front and rear fascia designs. It also features LED headlights that look edgy and make it easy to see in the dark. Of course, the 2022 GLC is outfitted with the latest technology that enhances the driving experience. Not to mention, it has top-notch safety and driver-assist features to keep the driver and passengers safe.

Looking into the Past of the Mercedes Benz GLC

The forerunner of the GLC was actually the Mercedes Benz GLK. The automaker established the GLC nameplate in 2016 along with a complete redesign of the vehicle. The 2016 GLC was actually longer than the GLK and also offered a more spacious interior for rear seat occupants.

Mercedes launched the AMG variant of the GLC (the AMG GLC45A) in 2017, which featured sport suspension system, twenty-inch wheels, and a 362-horsepower turbocharged engine.

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